About Us

Archipel Yacht Consulting is committed to deliver a range of quality assured services from the initial stages of planning the yacht’s stay until departure. Archipel Yacht Consulting tailors each service to the individual needs of the clients, the handling of a single port call, or a last minute request to a concierge specialist. Archipel Yacht Consulting depends on its team, their local knowledge and industry expertise to reach the highest standards of service. With a commitment to excellence, accountability and transparency, Archipel Yacht Consulting strives to provide a premium value to all clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the seal on maximum enjoyment and superiority time on the yacht for our clients, while we make sure ongoing processes do not upshot any obstacles. Our aim is to put forward a seamless service to guests visiting whereever they want, from the very initial stages of planning to yacht’s stay through the final departure.

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